• It's a good day for coffee...

    This month, we are gearing up for some exciting new coffees...
    We will be stocked with Wood Burl Coffee, and perhaps a few guests.
    Keep your eyes peeled!
    If you live out of town, be sure to check out to order online and view their current offerings!

  • Cold Brews & Tools

    We are starting construction in our basement for a new cold brew set-up. Stay tuned, updates to come!

  • Wood Burl Offerings

    A nice line-up for the summertime from Wood Burl Coffee Roasters...

  • Handyman Espresso

    In the beginning of March, Wood Burl Coffee Roasters came out with their first espresso blend, Handyman. It has a good looking mahogany color with hues of safety orange, a balanced body, and a sweetness of citrus and cherry.

  • Wood Burl is Online and Open for Business

    Wood Burl is Online and Open for Business

    We're happy to annouce that all of the Wood Burl coffees you enjoy at Press are now available for purchase online. Sourced from around the globe and roasted in small batches right here in Dayton, this coffee is the freshest and finest around. All the coffee is roasted to order on Mondays and shipped on Tuesdays to anywhere in the good ol' US of A.

    Buy a bag for yourself, a gift box for a friend, or let Brett pick out the finest of this week's roasts and send them your way in our Roaster's Classic Box. Head on over to the Wood Burl Coffee Roasters' store and stock up today!

  • Gift Boxes Are Here!

    Gift Boxes are ready to go...
    These little gems will feature coffee roasted by Wood Burl Coffee Roasters (that's us) !
    In every box will be a bag of Ethiopian Nekisse N2

  • WOOD BURL COFFEE ROASTERS...the beginning

    WOOD BURL COFFEE ROASTERS...the beginning

    After 3 years of serving such amazing coffee roasters such as Dogwood Coffee Co., Intelligientsia Coffee and Tea, Counter Culture Coffee, Gimme! Coffee, 1000 Faces, and many many more, we are roasting our own sourced green coffee beans!  We call our operation Wood Burl Coffee Roasters.  Stay tuned for new coffees and adventures.  Welcome your first and only indiginous Dayton Coffee Roaster!

  • Variety Cupping on Saturday September 7th

    Photo cred: Stephanie Ratanas

    We are lucky to have Stephanie Ratanas from Dogwood Coffee Co. host a Variety Cupping in our store on Saturday, September 7th. There will be 8 different varietals of coffee from La Lia, all grown in the region of Tarrazú, Costa Rica to taste.

    The cupping will start at 6:00 pm, and is FREE to the public!

    Not sure what a coffee cupping is?
    A coffee cupping is simply an opportunity to taste coffees and discuss the many characteristics each has to offer– including but not limited to: aroma, flavor, body, acidity, and so forth...It's a whole lot like beer or wine tasting, but it's coffee!!!!

    Here's a rundown of what we will be cupping...

  • Exclusive Offering– Rusty's Hawaiian Ka'u


    We just received a small amount of Rusty's Hawaiian Ka'u, roasted by PT's Coffee Roasting Co. It will be offered on our pour over bar beginning tomorrow morning when the door opens at 7AM. Stop in early before it's gone!

  • Huehuetenango, Guatemala

    We just received a lovely Guatemala roasted by Intelligentsia from the Huehuetenango Region.

    This region, at the foot of the Cuchumatanes, the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America, is one of the best regions in Guatemala for coffee production.

  • Iced Coffee-Dutch Style

    The Dutch Coffee Cold Drip Brewers are in full effect!
    Although the offerings change depending on the season, we are currently brewing the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Adado from Dogwood Coffee.  It reminds us of margaritas– a lot of sweet lemon and lime shine through in this brew.

  • Guest Roaster...Kickapoo Coffee Roasters

    This roaster resides in Viroqua, Wisconsin and boy-oh-boy,
    do they roast some good coffee.
    Check out our coffee page to see what we have available.

    Oh and by the way...they package their retail coffee in these old school tin cans.
    Definitely a great addition to any coffee enthusiast's collection...


  • Pulling Papua New Guinea

    For a limited time only!
    We have  COUNTER CULTURE'S Baroida Papua New Guinea in the espresso grinder this weekend. This coffee is grown in one of the most remote places on earth! Come by and try a shot. It is thick and has a sweet and tangy flavor that's sure to make your taste buds dance.

  • Craft Coffee + Craft Beer + Culinary Enthusiasts

    We are excited to be a vendor at the 5th Annual AleFeast on March 2nd at the Dayton Masonic Center from 4PM-7PM. There will be loads of craft beer from world class breweries and fine food to try from culinary masters across the Miami Valley. Tickets are $50 in advance or $55 at the door. You may purchase tickets at our shop, and other participating businesses. Find out more information at AleFeast Dayton.

  • In the New York Times...

    This past Sunday the New York Times came out with an article about Barista Vocabulary. Along with many other reputable coffee bars and roasters across the nation, we too were asked to give some of our own. Check out the full article here.

  • Treat Yourself!

    It's been a while since we have had single origin espresso at our bar, so we were stoked when we found out about one of Dogwood's newest offerings... 

    AYLELE, ETHIOPIA YIRGACHEFFE- This is a particularly special espresso because it is rare to find coffees from East Africa that come from a small producer. It is sweet and delicate with floral flavors and a sparkling acidity- a real treat as a shot or to try in a cappuccino.

    Also back in our store are some delicious African and South American coffees from COUNTER CULTURE. Check out the newest offerings on our COFFEE page.

  • Fresh

    Lots of exciting things are happening today. We have new art work adorning our walls from several talented artists. Below is a sneak peak of Reuben Briggs' work. Check his stuff out, you'll love it.

    Oh, and of course we have lots of good coffee from the Americas and Africa coming in from our beloved friends at Dogwood Coffee Company and Gimme! Coffee. Go over to our Coffee page to read more about them.

  • Gimme! Gimme!

    New in store, the 2013 Macro-Roaster of the year: GIMME! COFFEE.

    From ROAST Magazine:
    "Gimme! Coffee of Ithaca N.Y., and New York City, claimed the top spot in the large (macro) roaster category, which includes companies roasting more than 100,000 pounds of coffee each year. Gimme! Coffee gained the title for its commitment to a healthy environment, community and business, and for committing to the growth and education of the individuals in the company."